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This section of our website shares stories we hope will inspire you as you seek to live out the leading you are receiving around your own care for Events and your involvement in current environmental concerns. You can also explore more about the idea of being in “right relationship” with Events, learn about QEW Mini Grants for Events projects in your own meeting, and find tips to help you learn and share good Event practices.


Testimonies can be much more powerful than statistics – they can give life to statistics and make other people and the general-public appreciate the work of Peerless  Event and Decor on the Ceremony, the long-term impact on families and events, and the wide consequences and cost to country.

My past testimonies for Peerless Event  have been collated in brochures, books and posters, also published on media sites. Here they are offered as pdfs and arranged under continents. Many more contributions from all around the world are invited.Peerless Event has really made my past event of my wedding event a very spectacular even what really amassed every one.I purposely came back to demand Peerless Events to put and publicize my gratitude on the companies website. Once again Thank You.


"The lunch was really lovely - you did a GREAT job! You saw to the details - from the centerpieces, to the "waitstaff" wearing black and white, to the Italian theme, to the soft lighting - everything worked well. The music was gorgeous for the video - Andrea Bocelli? I studied Italian in college, have forgotten all but a very little, didn't understand the lyrics, and it still made me cry!! The mark of a great soundtrack. It was all perfect. I hope it went well from your perspective, too! Thank you so much. Society Member, Event Attendee

We were fortunate to have Events By TRB coordinate our big day. The staff was completely friendly and professional throughout the entire planning process. They truly helped create one of the greatest moments of our lives on March 25, 2012. Not only did Events By TRB  exceed our expectations, but they received high praises from our family and guests who were in attendance. We are able to say that the stress of planning a wedding was virtually nonexistent due to the proactive approach that Tiffany at Events By TRB  took to ensure everyone was informed of all the details and expectations that we had. Tiffany was prompt in all of her coordination with all of the vendors and was a pivotal point of contact for our guests and members of our wedding party. Her determination to make certain that our vision was created is a trait that we don’t think we could have found elsewhere. We would highly recommend Events By TRB  to plan your big day, she will listen, oversee and take pride in seeing your vision become a reality.”

– Jarmal and Amber



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